Prediction: Even if the Mises Caucus takes over the national Libertarian Party, it will continue to fail. Meanwhile, @FreeStateNH will continue to succeed. Concentrating activists is a proven success and the best we can hope for the LP is a return to principled messaging. Maybe a pipeline to NH longterm, but return to principle may halt potential movers by giving false hope they can stay where they are because they falsely believe that a principled LP will somehow give them a chance for success.

@pines dozens elected to state house, unbeatable community. So many wins, more activism happening than you can be involved with.

idk there is a ton of political playing whiners in FSP i'll take my chances with schizoautism

@pines sounds like you don't know what's happening. There are a ton of apolitical people who are building the agora as well. Thousands of activists means many approaches.

While I will recognize there is some things objectively good coming out of it it isn't doing anything for me or the people like me and therefore IDGAF.

@pines awesome, where do you live that there isn't a criminal gang lording over you?

@pines do you live in a part of the world where there are no property taxes?

I rent so while I subsidize someone else's PT's I am not paying them directly, so yes and no. But also I was *mostly* just talking shit because that is what the internet is for :^)

@pines ok, so there's still a criminal gang occupying the streets where you are. Just wanted to make sure you were bullshitting and there wasn't actually a free place on earth I hadn't heard of. Good luck out there.

There is actually several but you could simply not comply man

@pines you must not know me. I'm currently facing life in prison for not complying.

I just saw the L word on the timeline and made my move 😂 hope you beat the case man

@pines also I was the executive producer of a documentary about civil disobedience and non-cooperation. and have been arrested for peaceful disobedience a bunch so I am more experienced than many people in this area. Recommended watching.

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