Decriminalization of all drugs is good, legalization is bad.

@amerika That's what we're doing here in NH. Recommend you join us: 101reasonsfilm.com

@amerika @FTL_Ian legalization of anything is bad because that means the government can regulate it and make it more difficult for access.

@rikkatakarada @amerika @FTL_Ian Good, honest degenerates need to make a living somehow and drug dealing is fairly profitable. I've personally known some dropouts that made good money making and distributing, kind of jealous

@tengumatingpress @amerika @FTL_Ian a guy I went to high school with used to trade weed for his panty fetish, so it’s not even just monetary value for some people.

@rikkatakarada @amerika @FTL_Ian I'm not sure if I respect that. It's a legitimate transaction I guess

@tengumatingpress @amerika @FTL_Ian eh, I don’t respect it, but im happy to see the bartering system still in effect.

@rikkatakarada @FTL_Ian

On the nose! Remove government, problem solved (usually).

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