Someone called @freetalklive tonight about NFTs. I just don't get it. Collecting things in real life is a waste of space and digital collectibles seem even more pointless.

hey @FTL_Ian . I understand that cryptopunk-type jpeg NFT's are incredibly stupid, but I see a bright future for NFT's. Lots of people already have a "digital collection" of things that are precious to them. Steam game libraries, iTunes libraries, and lots of popular online games have items/skins/characters that people have accumulated wealth (CSGO knives that are worth hundreds of dollars, as an example). NFT's of these things would enable people to have much more control over their digital collections, if done right. It would be so cool to be able to openly trade things like this. Also, I see another side to NFT's as well. I think NFT's could replace some huge centralized businesses. Like, say you're a rock concert and want to sell tickets for your event. Traditionally, you'd have to use businesses like Ticketmaster to sell your tickets, but what if you could sell NFT tickets for your concert and people just flashed their phone showing they had the NFT ticket to enter the venue for your event. NFT's are apart of the decentralized crypto future.

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