Twitter stripped the photo out of my last post about a restricted video clip. The full video I posted is unrestricted by Twitter at this time. It will not let me post screenshots of the unsharable post... Wow. See my Mastodon for the banned screenshot.

@FTL_Ian Why are you still on the social sewer. Why don't you build your own platform. Rhetorical jibes to elict a response. I have never been a member for the simple reason, if you are not paying for something you are the product. I was surfing the social sewer for years and people were disappeared. Nazis, national socialists, the alt right. Nobody on the left. And the conservatives and civgnats were laughing. I thought about the old saying, they came for so-and-so and I did nothing. And then one day Jack Dorsey, ceo of the twitter mafia, disappeared Vox Day. That did it for me. Now everyone on the right are on the chopping block because the social sewer is run by commies. Yep, they are coming for you. People get banned everyday. But ppl stay. Why....

@pensees my posts there are automated and each contains a link to this Mastodon so it's promoting a way out.

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