Twitter won't allow this video to be shared. This doctor says she saw a tentacled thing moving in more than one Moderna shot under a microscope. Here's the full interview.

@FTL_Ian The claims need more evidence and details. You'd think that a lab would have the means to even attempt to analyse the suspect material they found. Talk of crying while examining the stuff and intuitions of lifeforms that seem aware of being observed are not helpful.

This interview smells fishy to me.

@gunkslinger not saying I believe all her claims, but if what she says about the tentacled things is true, it's creepy. Should be easy enough to verify.

@FTL_Ian I certainly don't think that there should be living organisms and cloth fibers in any vaccine (or anything intended for injection). But imagine if this woman was advocating for some sort of authoritarianism based on this level of evidence. I would want to know everything about the lab and I would want independent studies, source and details of handling of the samples, etc., etc. Hopefully we'll get that eventually.

@FTL_Ian Having said that I'm against twitter or anyone else that thinks people are too dumb to handle this interview critically. Who do they think they are, and who do they think WE are?

@FTL_Ian I think they're jumping to a conclusion because they haven't fully tested what they're seeing in these vaccines. The conversation looks like conjecture. Hopefully they will find more evidence & prove their assumptions.

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