While internet libertarians argue, NH libertarian state reps are finalizing a constitutional amendment to declare independence from the United States. Watch the planning sessions at, better yet, start planning your move to NH and help us win harder. @NH_Exit

@FTL_Ian Doesn't that means absorbing the US debt as well?
@FTL_Ian Because supposedly any debt taken by Federal Govt is everyone's responsibility. That's how Republics work... "in name of"

That means, if a whole state decides to secede, they will force to pay national debt according to the population, even if that's just damn fiat money.
@anonymoose @FTL_Ian Debt can be paid as debt as well. That's how the world bank system works 😏
@FTL_Ian There are many nonviolent ways, but mostly by nonrecognition at United Nations.

It worked several decades for Taiwan, Kosovo and many others
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