Decentralize mission accomplished. I've migrated my AMPlifiers google group and my FTL Industry and Free Keene News mailchimps to the open source, self-hosted Mailtrain. @mr_penguin

That's awesome. So you got mailtrain working successfully? Did you send out a first mailing yet? You should probably do a test mailing against and then do a partial mailing to see what real world results are like for rejected mails. My results against a large mailing list were in anticipated ranges vs what I am told was normal by a pro in the field.

@mr_penguin did one on the AMP list a week or so back. Did another one to my radio industry list today.

Awesome to hear you got everything configured to evade the spam filters. That tends to be the excuse most give as to why they don't setup a mail server. Which is humorous considering the self hosted newsletter is supposedly "impossible" to do yourself nowadays. It's bull shit, but none the less. The commonly given excuse is probably a combination of incompetence and laziness.

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