Wow! Not even a week in and we've got over 120 users that have had over 1,400 interactions. I think we made the right choice - thank you for being here. Make sure you check out the cool apps you can get for Mastodon - both mobile and desktop. Here are just some of them:

@linuxshire @FTL_Ian I haven't used it too much yet, but the mobile web app seems to work really well so far.

@JeremyCouch @linuxshire which one? There are multiple, because Mastodon is open source, so you have choices!

@FTL_Ian @linuxshire In the menu of Chrome for Android is an "add to homescreen" option. That creates a mobile web app. It's just the mobile website basically and works well.

I assume the Android apps must have some additional functionality, but I haven't looked into them yet.

@FTL_Ian @linuxshire Yeah, I've heard that soon when you choose that option they are going to put in them in your app drawer and everything so they are equal to full Android apps.

@JeremyCouch @FTL_Ian
That is how gab works too since they were banned from the stores.

@linuxshire @FTL_Ian Yeah, that's almost too open and free for today's big tech to allow. How long before they turn that feature off for undesirable websites?

It was mentioned and dismissed on FTL a few shows back, but they could easily block websites or put them behind their "dangerous website" message to discourage people from even being able to visit websites.

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