@captainkickass @medge did y'all change something with the podcast in the past 24 hours? I use the Podcast Addict app, and it finds just about everything from different servers. For some reason last night's episode was not found (March 24th). Podcast Addict was able to find and download Riley Blake's digest though. Something changed. I've always been able to download every episode the morning after the episode aired, until today. I just wanted to let y'all know something changed and I don't think the podcast is getting out everywhere as of yesterday.

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@captainkickass @medge but I know y'all have been super busy and I want to give credit to the captain for keeping my favorite show on air despite the chaos. He really is the captain now and I think he's earned that title.

@Erichaley @medge it's not you or them, it's us. Restoring the studio to full functionality requires ongoing technical actions. The terrorists who attacked the studio did their best to take us off air. But fear not, the missing episode will appear eventually

@Erichaley @captainkickass @medge I use Google podcasts and same thing. No 3/24 podcast but as I’m writing this I just got an alert for the 3/25 one, about 55m after the show ended. The 3/22 and 3/23 shows didn’t show up for about 11-14h after show end so it looks like progress is still being made. Good job!

@David @Erichaley @medge That's very positive news. This means a thing that was taken out of our processes has not only been restored, but is tested and working.

@captainkickass @David @medge the captain has really done a kickass job keeping the show going.

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