This post does not concern people who want to wear a mask. Those people, just keep scrolling through your feed. We've been arguing for a year now and I'm done wasting my time.

For those who live in Texas, and would like to not be forced to wear a mask, I have good news. I have not been wearing a mask this entire time, with the exception of while I've been at work.

My employer is still requiring us to wear a mask despite that the mandate is lifted in Texas. For the past year, I've been forced to wear a mask at almost every job site or else our employer would send us home without pay if you're caught without one, even if you have a medical exemption. I suspect many other corporations are doing the same. We have to change this culture of fear.

I completely stopped wearing a mask at work the past two days, and more than half the people I work with who have been wearing a mask have taken theirs off when they see me without a mask.

I went to a few stores over the past two days, without a mask, as I always have when I'm not working. About 50% of people are not wearing masks and I've learned that if you smile at people when they look at you, alot of others will also take off their masks as well.

This is great to see other people's faces again. I recommend people go out right now and just live their lives. If we don't fight back right now, and live our lives normally, we will have even more draconian mandates and possibly laws. Now is the time in Texas to take off your mask and live your life normally. We have a chance to outnumber those who wish to force their will upon us.

For anyone who reads this post that disagrees, just don't associate with people like us. Go wear your mask, go get your vaccine, and stay away from people like us.

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