@medge hey, are you hosting the show tonight? I just listened to last night's episode and that guy that called in wasn't accurate about what's happening to us in Texas with the electricity. I went almost 5 days without electricity and 4 days without water. I have almost a $2,000 electricity bill for the days leading up to the freeze. I was thinking about calling in today to talk to you if I'm still awake. I'm so exhausted from this entire week. I haven't slept much at all. Those of us who had Griddy, a wholesale electricity provider prepay directly from our debit or credit cards for electricity. It wasn't the electricity companies faults. ERCOT jacked up the price or electricity to $9kwh! I had to switch companies during while not having electricity and dealing with so much else. Griddy was trying to deal with their customers and pay them back by letting paying them to use electricity for the past few days. I've been trying to switch back but I can't. Griddy said they are not accepting new customers or returning customers at this time. I also saw on the news that Texas will be switching some Texans electricity companies without their consent and charging them for the Texas average, which doesn't help me at all. I'm stuck with all this money gone and they won't let me switch back to get refunded. On top of that, I might get another unexpected electricity bill if I get switched by Texas without my knowledge. The Texas average is much higher than what I usually pay. Also, most electricity companies are not taking new customers and I'm stuck with a different electricity provider that I can't afford.

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