When I first started getting into Bitcoin, years ago, it was a few hundred dollars a coin. As of today, Bitcoin's all time high is $63,000. We are going to $100,000 a Bitcoin! I've been telling y'all for years that blockchain technology is going to change the future. It is still the early days of this technology. It's not too late to yeet those filthy federal reserve notes for cryptocurrency.

After 7 years of my coffee plant growing from seed to maturity....and after another 9 months of waiting for the beans to reach maturity...what am I doing with my first home grown coffee beans? I'm planting them to start more coffee plants! I'm picking them when they are very ripe, taking out the beans, washing and drying them. I'll let them sit for a day or two. Then I'm going to put them into potting soil.

@captainkickass @medge hey, I know you are both sick right now. Just wanted to let you know that last night's episode never made it out in podcast form. I use podcast addict and the app searches most places that podcasts are uploaded to. I see that others can't find it either. Just wanted to let y'all know. I can't reach Aria anymore, after everything that happened.

@aria not sure if you can even see this with your white list, but last night's episode never made it out to podcast. Just letting you know.

My home grown Pink Oyster mushrooms, from our garden. These are going into our dinner tonight.

Threw some Pink Oyster mushroom substrate into the garden a couple weeks ago. I started these from spore, them cloned them. The last batch I was growing got infected, so I threw it into the garden, only to find healthy mushrooms growing in the compost pile today.

Lion's Mane mushroom mycelium, growing on agar. Over the next few weeks, I will be transferring some of it to other agar petri dishes. The rest will be transferred to jars of grain, where it's next stage of growth will begin.

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@captainkickass @medge but I know y'all have been super busy and I want to give credit to the captain for keeping my favorite show on air despite the chaos. He really is the captain now and I think he's earned that title.

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@captainkickass @medge did y'all change something with the podcast in the past 24 hours? I use the Podcast Addict app, and it finds just about everything from different servers. For some reason last night's episode was not found (March 24th). Podcast Addict was able to find and download Riley Blake's digest though. Something changed. I've always been able to download every episode the morning after the episode aired, until today. I just wanted to let y'all know something changed and I don't think the podcast is getting out everywhere as of yesterday.

Absolutely love this sign at the local liquor store. They'll be getting more business from me. I wish more businesses would be honest and let you know if the owner cares or not. So many places I go to say they just have the mask signs up because they are afraid of what others might do. So shout out to Crow's Liquor. I'll be contacting the owner and thanking them for making this clear to their customers.

I heard about what happened on Tuesday when I woke up today and tried to download last night's episode of free talk live and there was nothing. I knew something was wrong and checked the news. Anyways, is there a way to donate to FTL? Y'all are my favorite show and I feel like I know y'all. Also, are y'all able to put out podcasts right now? My podcatcher shows no new episodes since the raid, but right now, I see captain kickass, and bonnie talking on Breaking The Flaws YouTube channel.

My friends went to a restaurant today... We haven't even reached peak dumb yet, people. Just wait... even though the governor of Texas is lifting the mask mandates, many corporations are continuing this type of nonsense. Some are doubling down. I think it's time to start talking about secession. Americans need a peaceful divorce to avoid violence.

This post does not concern people who want to wear a mask. Those people, just keep scrolling through your feed. We've been arguing for a year now and I'm done wasting my time.

For those who live in Texas, and would like to not be forced to wear a mask, I have good news. I have not been wearing a mask this entire time, with the exception of while I've been at work.

My employer is still requiring us to wear a mask despite that the mandate is lifted in Texas. For the past year, I've been forced to wear a mask at almost every job site or else our employer would send us home without pay if you're caught without one, even if you have a medical exemption. I suspect many other corporations are doing the same. We have to change this culture of fear.

I completely stopped wearing a mask at work the past two days, and more than half the people I work with who have been wearing a mask have taken theirs off when they see me without a mask.

I went to a few stores over the past two days, without a mask, as I always have when I'm not working. About 50% of people are not wearing masks and I've learned that if you smile at people when they look at you, alot of others will also take off their masks as well.

This is great to see other people's faces again. I recommend people go out right now and just live their lives. If we don't fight back right now, and live our lives normally, we will have even more draconian mandates and possibly laws. Now is the time in Texas to take off your mask and live your life normally. We have a chance to outnumber those who wish to force their will upon us.

For anyone who reads this post that disagrees, just don't associate with people like us. Go wear your mask, go get your vaccine, and stay away from people like us.

@medge I misunderstood what the news was saying last night. The Texas Public Utility Commission will be involuntarily switching customers on some wholesale and variable rate plans to TXU. I wish I wouldn't have panicked and switched because I'd I would had stayed with my previous wholesale electricity provider, they would have been paying me for electricity I use right now. I can't switch back while investigations are going on. I probably won't be refunded my $2,000 electricity bill for the first week of February and the days leading up to the freeze. Here is the story about Texans being involuntarily switched companies below. You were asking about how we don't know about the prices with our prepaid wholesale electricity. We have an app that shows the real time market prices we are being charged and can leave at any time. You prepay your electricity account and when it drops below $20, it recharges your electricity account from your debit card or credit card immediately. It was great because we were paying such low costs for energy until this happened and we just paid a $10 membership fee to get the electricity prices that the electric companies pay for their electricity, which is usually very little.

@medge hey, are you hosting the show tonight? I just listened to last night's episode and that guy that called in wasn't accurate about what's happening to us in Texas with the electricity. I went almost 5 days without electricity and 4 days without water. I have almost a $2,000 electricity bill for the days leading up to the freeze. I was thinking about calling in today to talk to you if I'm still awake. I'm so exhausted from this entire week. I haven't slept much at all. Those of us who had Griddy, a wholesale electricity provider prepay directly from our debit or credit cards for electricity. It wasn't the electricity companies faults. ERCOT jacked up the price or electricity to $9kwh! I had to switch companies during while not having electricity and dealing with so much else. Griddy was trying to deal with their customers and pay them back by letting paying them to use electricity for the past few days. I've been trying to switch back but I can't. Griddy said they are not accepting new customers or returning customers at this time. I also saw on the news that Texas will be switching some Texans electricity companies without their consent and charging them for the Texas average, which doesn't help me at all. I'm stuck with all this money gone and they won't let me switch back to get refunded. On top of that, I might get another unexpected electricity bill if I get switched by Texas without my knowledge. The Texas average is much higher than what I usually pay. Also, most electricity companies are not taking new customers and I'm stuck with a different electricity provider that I can't afford.

@medge Just curious, do you know if Gene, The Christian Anarchist, is ok? It's been so long since I've heard from/about him. I know he got sick, but I thought he would get over it in a couple weeks. I always enjoyed his calls and insights. I'm concerned about him since he hasn't called in with any updates for weeks.

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