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@aria I just sent you something over Facebook messenger. I didn't realize I could do DMs here....not sure if you can even see my messages on FB, or if I'm only sending my messages to the feds.

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This "Independence Day" I am on "home confinement", @Nobody is behind bars, @aria can't use more than a handful of websites, and we're all facing years in prison for spreading Bitcoin.

5 years ago, when the Don't Comply Show was on LRN.FM. The Doc and Phoenix Horton were interviewing me about my experience as the foreman of the Collin County grand jury. I miss those times.

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When I first started getting into Bitcoin, years ago, it was a few hundred dollars a coin. As of today, Bitcoin's all time high is $63,000. We are going to $100,000 a Bitcoin! I've been telling y'all for years that blockchain technology is going to change the future. It is still the early days of this technology. It's not too late to yeet those filthy federal reserve notes for cryptocurrency.

After 7 years of my coffee plant growing from seed to maturity....and after another 9 months of waiting for the beans to reach maturity...what am I doing with my first home grown coffee beans? I'm planting them to start more coffee plants! I'm picking them when they are very ripe, taking out the beans, washing and drying them. I'll let them sit for a day or two. Then I'm going to put them into potting soil.

@captainkickass @medge hey, I know you are both sick right now. Just wanted to let you know that last night's episode never made it out in podcast form. I use podcast addict and the app searches most places that podcasts are uploaded to. I see that others can't find it either. Just wanted to let y'all know. I can't reach Aria anymore, after everything that happened.

@aria not sure if you can even see this with your white list, but last night's episode never made it out to podcast. Just letting you know.

My home grown Pink Oyster mushrooms, from our garden. These are going into our dinner tonight.

Threw some Pink Oyster mushroom substrate into the garden a couple weeks ago. I started these from spore, them cloned them. The last batch I was growing got infected, so I threw it into the garden, only to find healthy mushrooms growing in the compost pile today.

Lion's Mane mushroom mycelium, growing on agar. Over the next few weeks, I will be transferring some of it to other agar petri dishes. The rest will be transferred to jars of grain, where it's next stage of growth will begin.

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