Good presentation by Duane Lester. “How to sell freedom without starting a fight.”

@FTL_Ian Dr. Ron Paul mantra has been End The Fed! I’d like for him to explain how that gets done as if I were a Freshman in High School, which is higher than the average reading level of Americans.

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@FTL_Ian so is it not advised to keep sending AMP donations since the account has been closed?

@ftl Spoke with Glen Jacobs aka Kane at a party tonight and we talked about FTL. I told him that his testimonial promo audio is still used. He told me he was a FSP signer and had visited Keene but didn’t really have the time to listen at this time. We had a nice chat and he thanked me for asking him about you.

This is the paranormal skeptic to which @aria was referring on the last She Talk Live episode. I admired him so much. He was much loved by Penn Jillette and Teller.

I regret the circumstances that prompted it, but it has been such a pleasure seeing @bonnie step out of Ian’s shadow and come into her own, finding her own voice and becoming a great co-host on FTL. Don’t take David from NM seriously when he mimics your voice, Bonnie.
I feel sure that beneath that dulcet vocal tone lies the spirit of a bear!

@ElCaptainKickass can you give me a source for the average number of bombs dropped daily by the US?

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