Which is the best migration project?
freestateproject.org/ - Libertarians moving to NH
cryptofrontier.org/ - Crypto people moving to CNMI
prospera.hn/ - Special Economic Zone in Roatan, Honduras

@ftl US Marianas is already the free-est place in the US. If you want to argue with statists and libertarians, move to NH. If you want to be free, move to CNMI.

The White Rose Society video has been BANNED from YouTube, but it's still up on the uncensorable LBRY protocol and their Odysee platform:


Thanks to @OdyseeTeam @LBRYcom on Twitter

Shire Society is now running a Manyverse Pub Server. Manyverse is a fully decentralized social network, but it's very much in beta. Details:


New at the Garrison Center: Why I'm Still Not Worried about Biden's "Gun Control" Proposals thegarrisoncenter.org/archives

Starting tonight, I'm posting speeches from @FreeStateNH's civil disobedience event last weekend where nearly 100 people gathered without masks to celebrate Porcupine Day! Here's the opening speech from @JeremyKauffman : youtube.com/watch?v=cOHjpDI6J2

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