I think it really outrages people when others take actions due to their principals because it’s difficult to argue about principals and so much easier to just demonize actions.

When they ask why and your answer is, “because forcing others to do something against their will is wrong”, it drives them nuts because opposing that statement sounds a lot like saying rape is also sometime okay.

If you got the vaccine, that you were told to get by the government, you are also likely to follow the instructions given to you as a juror, which typically are in the favor of the government.


I just realized why covid cases are “soaring” among unvaccinated people. The new cdc guidance for the vaccinated includes that they should, “refrain from routine screening testing”. If you don’t look for something then it’s almost like it doesn’t exist. Source: cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/

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Hey @redditmirrorbot how come when I try to follow you from a different server I don’t see any of your posts?

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It was nice to launch Tootle and see @FTL_Ian and @aria back in my local feed this morning.

Every time I interact with the masses on FB it makes me want to delete my account more and more. I posted a complaint about something happening in my town and basically the consensus from the people were, “it could be worse so just be happy with what you have.” My brain literally can’t comprehend this type of thinking, “well, your husband could beat you daily so just be happy it’s every other day?” Has society become impotent as a whole?

You know who else gets paid for accepting medical treatments? Experimental trial participants.

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The Soviet Union allowed theaters to play The Grapes of Wrath because of its depiction of the plight of the poor under capitalism, but it was later withdrawn because Russian audiences were amazed that even the poorest Americans could afford a car.

Original tweet : twitter.com/tilbots/status/138

When I see parents arguing on Facebook about COVID and school policies this is the video that plays in my head.


Telegram reports that @FTL_Ian is being raided at @ftl studios? True?

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