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I got a 3 day ban for "advertising" @ftl on the TipBot Discord server with an crypto airdrop.

Liberal on Reddit complains about NH Republicans trying to control them - someone point out their hypocrisy - they get downvoted because the point is “unrelated”


A mother on maternity leave creates a better website for COVID vaccine appointment locations than the state of MA could with their team of people and an oversized budget!


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"You Let Them Isolate You
Let Them Indoctrinate You
They Want to Vaccinate You
Or They'll Incarcerate You..."


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I have to say, I don’t love the Twitter bots that repost on Mastodon. While it’s nice to see what certain people are saying, there are a lot of replies Re-tooted and without the conversation (which you would need to go to Twitter for, thus defeating the purpose of why I am here) the replies don’t make sense on their own.

3 Days = average time to death following COVID vaccine.

Of the 129 deaths reported following a COVID vaccine, the average duration before death is 3 days. (correlative)

Get the data for yourself at vaers.hhs.gov/data/datasets.ht

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This is my first post and the day I seriously start to transition off centralized social media.

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