I straight up do not care about leftists crusades anymore. They are bulb & have little base to my day to day life.

Oh SH*T, this train crash is ECOLOGICAL atom bomb in Ohio | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Cartels get in the way of progress. Had a chance to have a festival at Bonfil beach. Stupid beach boss wants to own the festival & have everyone work for free.

I'm going to laugh if people actively get a booster every 3 months. The sheep are doing it to themselves now.

Australia has LOST its mind pushes 5th vaccine for population | Redacted with Clayton Morris

@verita84 BREAKING: millennial has feeling & worried about the feelings of others.

I was slightly educated watching on why some men pull their pants all the way down when peeing. Apparently, the can't pee with clothes touching their butt.

I'm pretty sure anyone responsible for the end of a member will be honored.

Interesting, when I was worried about the debt ceiling was back when it waboit $4 trillion. $31 trillion & Jennet Yellen asking to raise it. We all know default is ahead. Why not go though the pain now? Is the US trying to wait out other countries to fail? Bank issued notes are a ponzi scheme. I wish people were a little more worried about indenturing future generations.

The reason why the US needs pizza regulations. Effing idiots!!!
$1 Pizza VS $2000 Pizza in New York City!!

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