While I'm happy that the set of 9 witches decided to strike down the mandate. Is anyone else worried that important decisions are being made by 9 witches in robes? Don't we have an entire elected body of assholes whose entire job is to write laws ?

@Mr_Steve we're 2 years into an emergency they still don't have time to do their jobs

@noagendashowvideo I find it amazing when people act like this is a preferable way of governance compared to anarchy. Literally govern by people wearing snuggies

@Mr_Steve I consider myself an anarchist but I recognize that regardless how society is governed or organized, people desire justice, so there will be people who specialize in justice. Say what you want about the courts, they still provide some sense of justice in society.

@Beef I see what you're saying but if it went the other way would you say that ?


@Mr_Steve yeah, I would. It's just one ruling. It happens to be the biggest one of the day, perhaps the biggest of the week or month. But it's not worth getting all worked up over.

To think longer term, think about the current system, which is obviously declining, versus the new system that's likely to come about. Given the techno-fascist political climate, I don't think anarchism has a chance. Best to find what's worth preserving in what already exists.

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