Today's art demonstrates my problem w/ the show's direction perfectly. Instead of just helping us deconstruct ALL media (like the glasses in #TheyLive), they're now more about giving people an alternative worldview to completely switch to. IMHAFO
#TBPITU #noagenda #itm #TYFYC


@wjmaggos I've only been listening to it for a few months but I don't get that vibe from them. Do you have an example?


You'd probably need to compare it to the early shows, but they didn't used to take positions as much. I'd say they've gotten a little better in the last couple of weeks actually. Best example is when John finally called out Adam for embracing the craziest "stolen election" CLREs. They reverted to their old selves in that segment, Crackpot brings the wacky stuff and Buzzkill knocks it down. They both breakdown the bs in the M5M. That takedown of everything is what it used to be.

@wjmaggos well I'm wondering what's a late example of them taking a position on something. I can't think of anything really specific, they're just generally opposed to the nwo.

In fact I got upset when Buzzkill said Whitney Webb was full of shit. But that was him shooting Crackpot down, so to me it doesn't seem like they're maneuvering to influence or control anyone.

On another level, how else are you supposed to have a community than having some kind of shared perspective?

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