Those that receive enough boosters will render their immune systems dysfunctional, thereby requiring ongoing interventions such as supplements and “vaccinations,” ongoing. The threshold is different for different people but after a certain point, the body will require additional support just to have a somewhat functional immune system.

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@Autotelic I understand they are now focusing more on pollution and “biodiversity,” which are code words for a controlled implosion of society to replace it with a top-down model, controlled by globalist technocrats, in order to “sustain” their own model. Biodiversity is actually the opposite of a natural ecosystem, it is an imposition from what will be an AI-inspired bunch of governing-bodies that think they “know better” how to govern our lives

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The MIT model does not take innovation into account, nor could it; it is based upon a theory of limited resources where by if population grows too large and consumes too much there will not be enough “food,” and other resources to sustain continual growth. It is a mistaken philosophy and is entirely self-fulfilling and pseudoscience. There are endless confounding factors they do not consider and the premise and conclusions are essentially propaganda

Emergency Use Authorization is not the same thing as FDA approval. Emergency use means there are no other known cures. This is why Ivermectin and HCQ had to be slandered and in many cases mandated out of use. Off-label use of the effective treatments were no longer administrated thereby constituting an “emergency,” that justified vaccines. Hence, the emergency use authorization. This is not the same as FDA approved.

The reason why isolated people classically develop “covid,” is because the illnesses labeled as covid have a causal relationship with lowered oxygen levels, lowered vitamin D levels, lowered humidity levels, hence it is also “seasonal.” When Winter comes the body detoxes but also experiences less exercise, less oxygen, lowered humidity, and less exposure to the sun and lowered vitamin D levels. “Covid” is seasonal. The only exception is what happens upon injection with a foreign protein.

@Autotelic There is nothing wrong with embracing each other and nature. There is nothing wrong with reality, with the mode of ACTION over worship. Worship is a mode of inaction or of giving up certain options of action for the sake of a better afterlife or favorable “judgement” by the godhead. A judgement based afterlife is no different from a judgement based life: it leads to violence. In other words, heaven will go to war if the narrative indeed is “true.” Meditate on THAT.

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@Autotelic That “godhead” eventually transforms into the “State,” or “corporations,” and other political bodies albeit human, AI or Other. Worship, as a concept, is a method of giving away your own power, your own agency, your own freedom, for the sake, again, of “SAFETY” and the promise of “tomorrow,” however you wish to interpret that.

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Worship, as a concept, is an ironic subversion of what you might call Cingularity. Metaphorically, and somewhat literally, to be connected and in harmony it takes a mutual anionic relationship that builds upward together. Worship, as a mode, takes the power of togetherness and throws it into the garbage in favor of reliance upon an invisible godhead.

New peer reviewed study on COVID-19 vaccines suggests why heart inflammation, blood clots and other dangerous side effects occur - ON Point with Alex Pierson -

Take a look at this resource for doctors:

Home | FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

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