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Join the Prisoners for Liberty Telegram chat here:

We did a female topless FTL without being taken down! Thanks to @OdyseeTeam. Here's the archive: - please follow our Odysee channel!

The People's Rights Militia is philosophically libertarian and they have excellent marketing. I think they are onto something powerful.

If you haven't yet, just check out their website and nudge your liberty-loving friends to do the same!

Thanks to help from @Nobody, we now have someone making a professional business plan for Prisoners for Liberty.

Prisoners for Liberty is being aided by a leader in Young Americans for Liberty too. Thank you Nathan! They are also sending us activism kits filled with literature to send in to the prisons.

Students for Liberty accepted my idea for Prisoners for Liberty to be part of their Liberty Lab competition. In a few months, the winner will receive grant funding.

Join the Prisoners for Liberty Telegram chat here:

Free Talk Live - Social

Getting away from centralized megacorporate platforms is important, so we've launched this Mastodon server targeted at voluntarists, freedom-loving anarchists, libertarians, listeners of Free Talk Live and LRN.FM and the members of the Shire Society.

Want freer real-time chat rooms? Join our Matrix server.

Considering migrating to New Hampshire or already here? Please also visit the Shire Forum.