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Nearly one third of NH people support secession - and 52% of republicans! Thanks to @NHIndependence for the first-ever poll on the matter. Details:

@AluAxelman @nh_exit

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The first-ever NH scientific poll on secession is here - 52% of republicans are ready to NOW! @AluAxelman has initial results at Liberty Block:

Full numbers coming soon!

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@FeeeStateNH covered again by the NY Times. Thank you! The right people will find the migration, as with all negative coverage. Paywall-free link:

@ftl went to the Tom Woods event in Orlando today. I had to rep my favorite Talk Show at someone’s else’s Talk Show gathering lol bad taste? Maybe. But do you know what’s real bad taste? Seeing a Florida Exit shirt. I wanted to take a pic with the guy so badly and show you guys but I couldn’t get him alone. I really wanted to ask him what the heck he was on to think that Florida would even secede. Oh well…


Please watch this video from Keith night. He talks about the Orlando shooting at pulse nightclub. And discovered that Obama knew that there was blowback from Syria and Iraq. Very damning evidence

@ftl this former cop has a YouTube channel where he highlights all the auditors across the nation. I’ve been noticing a trend where all great auditors are trolls at heart and I can’t wait to see what these trolls do next. Also I try to do my best to go on the common section and rep the free state project. I think these auditors are the best people to persuade to move to New Hampshire. if others can join me on the comment section I would appreciate it ❤️

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The Foundation for NH Independence is raising money for a major poll to be done in multiple states about secession. Someone generous gave $50,000. They need $1,000 more. I'm in for $500.

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FTL hosts Ian Freeman and Aria DiMezzo have refused federal plea offers and will risk life in prison over bitcoin-related victimless "crimes":

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It has been three hundred and sixty five days since the heavily armed, costumed terrorists attacked the studio kidnapping my friends & coworkers

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Imagine how many fewer people would be murdered if cops didn't employ predatory practices? This kid would still be alive if they weren't there in the first place looking for arbitrary nonsense to enforce.

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NEW - While the crisis unfolds in East Europe a national vaccine pass, the SMART Health Card, has quietly rolled out in the US – and Red States are getting on board.


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A family TV show in Quebec called 'La semaine des 4 Julie' aired on Tuesday (Jan. 18) asking vaccinated children if they are in favor of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

"Yes," a young boy replied.
The host continued: "What should we do with the people who don't want the vaccine?"

"We should call the police," the boy said.

"We should cut everything from them little by little until they submit and get vaccinated," added a young girl.


#TheFreeThoughtProject #TFTP

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We need to figure out a better marketing campaign for New Hampshire.
I know about New Hampshire through FTL, but I can’t do anything due to family situation. But these people are clearly looking for answers and are getting crap responses.

@ftl @aria @captainkickass @FTL_Ian

You can now rate the podcast on Spotify. I was the first to rate. Maybe encourage your listeners the help the algorithm 😁
@aria @captainkickass @FTL_Ian

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Buying crypto isn't investing. It's exiting fiat. After that, you still have to invest.

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